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Agree or not, a great workplace is one where everyone cares and supports each other while growing. A good workplace makes going to work everyday fun, rewarding, and challenging. In a good work environment, managers and their employees trust and respect each other and have a shared commitment toward individual and company success.

Here are some statistics that show that having a good workplace plays a vital role in increasing productivity:

  • 9 out of 10 employees say they are more productive when they are around positive people.
  • Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to work better.
  • Employees whose managers involve them in goal setting are 3.6x more likely than other employees to be engaged.

Moreover, a good workplace also contributes to employee well-being and helps to keep up their morale. Today, many companies are focusing on creating a workplace that offers the best to their employees. And we can proudly say that at EnFuse, we are one such workplace.

We recognize that working in cutting-edge and rapidly evolving areas like AI, ML, Data Analytics, and Data Management requires a growth mindset, constant unlearning, and learning. Having a competitive yet friendly and positive workplace is all the more important.

What Makes EnFuse A Wonderful Place To Work?

A friendly and positive workplace is essential for employees who want to grow. Here are some ways we at EnFuse make the office a great place for all professionals.

1. Continuous Learning

We understand that learning is an ongoing process and not a one-time proposition. We believe and foster continuous learning and enabling employees to expand their skills and develop professionally. Working in a learning-centric environment helps the teams improve their performance at work and, at the same time, bolsters their own professional goals.

Having employees who learn helps us better serve our clients and is also an added advantage for the company. It encourages our employees to expand their horizons and learn new skills. This means they will get advanced knowledge in the given horizon or can also try out different positions at a company.

Did you know that 42% of employees said learning and development is the most important advantage when deciding where to work?

EnFuse also opens doors to cultivating leaders from within. We offer solid training programs and support, which help our employees to overcome career barriers.

2. Respect for Individual

The simplest lesson we follow at EnFuse is to treat employees with kindness and respect. We understand that people have both good and bad days, and everyone makes mistakes. And therefore, it is important to keep reminding each other to do so, especially in the ever-changing workplace.

Here are some of the effective practices we follow to ensure every individual is respected at work:

  • Taking feedback positively and ensuring everyone does the same. Feedback helps us to grow and learn more.
  • Recognizing every person has different skills, talents, and experiences.
  • Providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone at work.
  • Practicing active listening and ensuring everyone is heard.
  • Recognizing employees for their achievements.

3. Growth Mindset and Growth Opportunities

It is necessary to distinguish between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Since mindsets are highly personal, it can be very easy to assume that companies cannot change how employees interpret the world around them. At EnFuse, we prioritize a growth mindset. This has helped us positively impact the company’s culture.

Here is how we help employees develop a growth mindset:

  • Unlike many traditional companies focusing mainly on output, EnFuse focuses on developing a growth mindset. To grow, we evaluate how employees are growing and improving personally and professionally. Moreover, we set goals that help to improve skills rather than looking at the output.
  • EnFuse also celebrates failures as a part of the learning process and treats the failures as valuable data on what worked and what didn’t.
  • Instead of choosing a few employees to speak up or come up with a new plan, we are open to hearing different plans and perspectives from every individual.
  • We also focus on offering one-on-one coaching and opportunities for cross-domain learning for employees who demonstrate an interest in growth.

4. Appreciations And Recognitions

EnFuse fosters appreciation and recognition at work. This helps us motivate our employees to give their best, helping them in their career and business growth.

Here is how we appreciate our employees:

  • Letting people know that you value them is an incredible gift. This has helped us positively impact employees’ feelings about themselves, their colleagues, the team, and the company.
  • We check in with our employees regularly and ask them how they are doing and if they face any challenges at work. If yes, we aim to provide them with a proper solution.
  • Employees working hard and delivering an impact on the business are regularly appreciated formally and informally by their managers and by the organization on public forums.

5. Great Colleagues To Work With

Apart from providing employees with learning, respect, growth opportunities, and appreciation, we ensure that the employees share a good relationship with each other. Having great colleagues to work with offers growth opportunities and, at the same time, makes work a fun place to be at.

Here are some reasons why we believe that co-workers should share a good relationship:

  • Coworkers who share a positive relationship tend to perform well and motivate each other while performing different tasks.
  • People who enjoy working with their coworkers tend to work harder, resulting in increased individual productivity.
  • Working with the people you love can improve your morale and positively affect your professional growth.
  • Having great coworkers can also help to increase the employee retention rate.
  • It also helps to stimulate creativity and come up with innovative ideas.

Life At EnFuse

At EnFuse, we strive to help our employees increase their productivity, keep them engaged, and provide them with the job satisfaction they need. We also aim to reduce stress and burnout. Solving the major issues at work and focusing on productivity, employee engagement, etc., has helped us provide our employees with a great workplace.

If you think you will enjoy working in such a vibrant environment, head over to our Careers page – we are hiring across multiple positions and levels.