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Industry-Focused Digital Enterprise

We Provide Integrated Digital Solutions To Solve Complex Business Challenges

Founded in 2017, EnFuse Solutions is a leading independent provider offering a full range of multi-disciplinary outsourced professional and managed services giving our clients a competitive edge. We aim to transform businesses into truly digital enterprises. To this end, we collaborate with you to make your products smarter, customer experiences remarkable, your teams more efficient, and your business more profitable. 

We have a cumulative 450+ years of managerial experience in enterprise data management solutions and metrics-based project execution. We are a recognized name in the industry serving several Fortune 500 clients with over 500 employees in India, Europe, and North America.

Our Mission, Enfuse Solutions, Digital solutions, Digital Enterprise

Our Mission

To transform businesses into truly digital enterprises through integrated digital solutions that help solve complex business challenges.

Our Vision, Enfuse Solutions, Digital Marketing, Digital Enterprise

Our Vision

To offer smarter products that enhance customer experiences, improves team efficiency and makes businesses more profitable.

Our Core Values

At EnFuse, all employees share six fundamental corporate values that form the roots of our corporate culture – Accountability, Service Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Respect, and Empathy. Together they form the acronym – ASPIRE. Our values are our guiding light in an ever-changing business environment and will define how we conduct business in the years to come.

Icons Accountability


Simply put, accountability means seeing it, owning it, solving it, and doing it. We take responsibility for our work and strive to do it right the first time. We focus on finding solutions and not identifying problems.

We do not have ages and pages of policies and procedures. We instead have a three-word policy: Use Good Judgment.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Our clients and stakeholders are at the heart of everything we do.

We listen to our clients and embrace their needs and challenges as our own in a relentless pursuit to exceed their expectations. Our goal is to help them succeed. Within the organization, we help each other succeed and be the best version of themselves.



Passion is the energy that comes from within and is the driving force that keeps us going. When you love WHAT you do, WHY you do it, the people you work with, and the people you serve, it means something, and knowing that is priceless.

Our passion is in going the extra mile. We pursue fresh ideas and embrace new approaches to elevate how we work and deliver value.



Everything we do stands on the foundation of integrity. We are straightforward, honest, and committed to doing what is best for both our Clients and the company.

We do not tolerate hidden agendas, politics, and passive-aggressive behavior. We do the right thing even when no one is looking.



Respect is earned rather than given. Listening is the first step in demonstrating respect.

Our integrity, trust, and transparency have earned us admiration and respect. Our individual differences strengthen our teams, and our mutual trust and respect fuels our passion in everything we do.



Empathy is the connective tissue that builds and binds together strong teams. Empathy requires the emotional maturity to connect, listen, and consider others’ thoughts and feelings (appreciating their perspective) before passing judgment or acting.

Empathy is woven deeply into the fabric of who we are. When individuals can empathize with colleagues using empathy, a culture of trust, respect, and loyalty is created.

Why Choose EnFuse?

We have a comprehensive understanding of the global market, which enables us to provide significant value to businesses through a broad range of digital services and integrated solutions.

Why Choose Enfuse Solutions, Digital services provider

We offer customized solutions and domain expertise across multiple industries with our two-layered efficiency and automation framework.

We ensure that business processes are strategically aligned with each client’s business objectives and priorities.

With our robust delivery framework and strong process governance, we advise companies on best practised business processes along with proactive risk identification & mitigation.

We also provide metrics-driven SLA performance tracking to continually align and manage expectations

Through our simplified, transparent and cost-effective services, we guarantee a 45%+ OPEX cost saving to clients along with low-cost operations and robust support.

Our flexible and agile engagement model delivers 30% quicker onboarding & ramp-up and comes with the ability to flex resources up/down in 2 weeks.

Meet Our Team

The Leadership Team

Rahul Gandhi - EnFuse Solutions

Rahul Gandhi

Co-Founder & Director

Imaran Ansari - EnFuse Solutions

Imran Ansari

Co-Founder & Director

Zaynul Mira - EnFuse Solutions

Zaynul Mira

Co-Founder & Director

Kamran Shaikh - EnFuse Solutions

Kamran Shaikh

Co-Founder & Director

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What Our Clients Say About Us

The Team EnFuse services are so critical to our growth and success. The impressive support we receive has provided us with the ability to scale. Team EnFuse is extremely responsive and very pleasant to work with... Read More

Chief Administrative Officer & Senior Vice President of Products

at a leading Web Publishing Company from North America

EnFuse Solutions have been one of our KPO vendors for the last couple of years. They have been helping us on various requirements, and so far have produced some great results across these projects. They are diligent,... Read More


of an Applied AI and Machine Learning software and services company

We are so grateful to have EnFuse Team on board, they had helped us in moments where we needed it the most, always giving us the best service in a quicker and adaptable manner. We highly recommend their services. Read More

Operations Manager

at a Media & Technology Consultancy Firm

Thank you, team for your effort. As always, you guys have done a great job in a very short period of time with a good understanding of process knowledge. Read More

Director, Program Management

at a Global Technology, Fortune 500 Firm

"Hi Team, This is a note of thanks for last Friday's exams with the new client EBO. We had a feedback meeting this morning with them, and they were really happy with the service provided by the proctors and... Read More

Implementation Project Manager


"I also wanted to provide feedback on the quality of tagging work done in the past few months. We haven't observed a single tagging error or problem and the velocity was also mostly on track, given the fewer number... Read More

Senior Business Analyst

at an Analytics Solutions Company

Thanks for all the efforts and hard work you have put into this project. Without your support, we could have not finished one important aspect of our project. I really appreciate your endeavors. Read More

Senior ML Engineer

at an Analytics Solutions Company

On behalf of the team, we appreciate each member of the EnFuse team for their unwavering efforts on Logitech's project. The team's efforts and communication were on point most of the time. The taggers team did a... Read More

Senior ML Manager, Growth Team

at an Analytics Solutions Company

Hello team, I looked at the reviewing activity report, and this past week, we have benefited from almost 10k reviews from your team with an average duration of more than 100 minutes. This means that during... Read More

Service Delivery Manager

Leading Proctoring Platform

EnFuse is a reliable partner to work with – Delivery-focused, highly efficient, and excellent value adds. This partnership is for the long term. Read More

Sr. Director, Product Management

at a Global Technology, Fortune 500 Firm

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