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The worldwide online exam proctoring market is expected to be worth over $1.6 billion by 2028, growing at a healthy CAGR of 18.1%. What was once a very limited market mostly confined to specific types of examinations has today exploded in popularity. The COVID-19 pandemic enabled new paradigms in digital service delivery for several industries.

Within a span of weeks, several organizations had to shift to a completely online mode of operations and deliver their existing services via digital channels to consumers. One of the most prolific changes in this regard was witnessed in the learning and education sector. All major schools, universities, and public educational institutions had to manage their classes as virtual entities for over two years.

With students interacting purely via virtual channels, the education sector had to transition even their examinations, evaluation, and certification programs to remote internet-enabled channels. This fueled the rise of online proctoring significantly. Additionally, businesses in multiple sectors also had recruitment, training, and evaluation programs moving online owing to remote work policies.

Online proctoring found a very considerable use case in this regard as well. Indeed, the future looks very promising for online proctoring. However, the real challenge faced by businesses that need proctoring services is the dilemma of selecting the right online proctoring partner.

Online proctoring partners must exhibit a standard set of criteria to be considered viable partners for any business in their skill and knowledge assessment initiatives. Let us explore the top four:

1. Ease Of Use

The most fundamental criterion for an online proctoring system is simplicity. In other words, the examination should not complicate the candidate’s experience and that of the administrative team behind running the test.

Custom tests and exams should be easy to set up and free from complex navigation for candidates to complete assessments faster. They should incorporate recognized standards in examination formats, assessment evaluations, and time management to ensure candidates do not feel overwhelmed at the start.

2. Support

The right online proctoring partner must ensure continuous support for operations irrespective of time zone differences for candidates. Most online examinations and assessments happen across time zones with no geographical restriction on course enrolments, hiring paths, etc. Hence, whenever there is a need for technical or functional level support, the online proctoring partner needs to have a full-fledged support infrastructure.

Additionally, they must support custom requirements on an ad hoc basis to accommodate certain unique needs of test-takers (for instance, if required, female proctors should be made available in case a certain organization has such specific needs for female test-takers). These may vary over time, but the partner must be flexible to dynamically accommodate the change requests.

3. Resilient And Cost-Effective Scalability

Over time, online examinations and assessment initiatives may expand to cover a huge number of live proctoring sessions. From a technical perspective, the platform leveraged for proctoring must be able to handle the exponential scale of demand while simultaneously being cost-effective for the organization to operate at scale. The partner should also be able to provide online proctors to monitor the exams.

4. Secure Experience

Live proctoring sessions handle sensitive data often. It may be candidate credentials, payment information, or other corporate digital asset exchanges. Hence, it requires a security focus like other core enterprise digital initiatives. As such, the proctoring partner needs to offer the highest level of data and information security assurance for a hassle-free experience for end users and corporate data.

Finalizing The Right Online Proctoring Partner

The above four characteristics are the basic expectations that should be met by an online proctoring partner if they are to be considered as a choice. However, finalizing a proctoring partner needs a deeper understanding of their abilities beyond the necessities.

At EnFuse, we empower our customers to deliver amazing assessments tied to standard SLAs, their potential hires, and students. Apart, we also enable them to stay ahead of the competition through our unique offerings.

Credited with creating the first Breach Dictionary in the proctoring industry, EnFuse offers highly trained human and AI-enabled automated proctoring services that match any level of confidentiality and test efficiency that a customer envisions.

Some Of Our Specialties Include:

  • Availability of FTE or unit model that suits customer budgets and requirements with options for engaging specific proctors if needed on a case-to-case basis.
  • Custom analysis and evaluation of test-candidate behavior in recorded sessions and flagging for non-compliance to customer guidelines and rules with a detailed timestamp of events.
  • Flexible allocation of proctors in alignment with the unique characteristics of the exam and the scale of end-users participating in the exam.
  • 24X7 availability of skilled technical support via chat for candidates taking assessments from anywhere in the world, irrespective of time zones.

In A Nutshell

Selecting the right online proctoring partner has a major say in how effectively your assessment initiatives perform their intended hiring or admission objectives. With a long history of delivering custom proctoring support for some of the industry’s biggest names, EnFuse can set you rolling on the path to success in minimal time. Get in touch with us to explore how your online assessments can be transformed with our proctoring services.


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