Adobe Real Time Customer Data Platform And Its Benefits Inner

Companies are more committed than ever to understanding their customers’ needs and preferences. As such, they invest in collecting data, extracting relevant insights, and converting those insights into new opportunities. But for this process to pan out successfully, businesses need a platform that can collect, store, and map data to user profiles to create new personalized experiences for every customer. It’s here that Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) gains prominence.

Understanding Adobe Real-Time CDP

In essence, Adobe Real-Time CDP lets you track and manage customer data, enabling a holistic view of your customers. This is done by building a customer profile from the aggregated known and unknown customer data. The idea is to collect data from multiple sources to create personalized experiences across different channels. Here’s how it all works:

1. Data Collection

Data collection lays the foundation for how CDP constructs more cohesive customer profiles for teams to work from. Adobe Real-Time CDP integrates with numerous marketing tools, campaigns, event trackers, and more. It pulls in real-time B2B and B2C insights, removing manual oversight and building ideal customer profiles that can be activated across any channel.

2. Data Storage & Governance

This is the process where data is stored in a scalable database. The storage platform can connect to a multitude of third-party applications and continuously monitor customer interactions across channels. Besides, Real-Time CDP helps with data governance via the following tools:

  • Data source labeling
  • Automated prevention of policy violations
  • Identity management
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Data lineage
3. Data Access & Activation

After data is collected and stored, CDP then supports real-time data access and data activation across multiple channels. In simple words, both B2B and B2C brands can leverage customer profile data to create personalized experiences across channels for better ROI.

Unlocking The Power Of Adobe Real-Time CDP

Adobe Real-Time CDP is designed to help modern companies create meaningful interactions and gain a deeper understanding of every customer. Here’s what companies can achieve with it:

1. Dynamic Profile Building From Streaming Data

Adobe Real-time CDP revolutionizes the way consumer and account profiles are created and maintained. These profiles are enriched continuously and remain privacy-compliant. There’s no need for manual data stitching. Instead, behavioral, transactional, and operational data contribute seamlessly to profile updates. Data from various channels and systems is harmonized into a standardized taxonomy, allowing for real-time streamlined data access and management. 

2. A Unified CDP For All Business Lines

Unifying data can be complex, but Adobe Real-time CDP goes further by tackling the challenge of consolidating data across multiple lines of business with diverse tech stacks. Even in scenarios involving acquisitions or businesses targeting both consumers and enterprises, this solution excels. 

It seamlessly combines consumer and professional data to create unified hybrid profiles that span multiple lines of business. This allows B2C and B2B marketing teams to collaborate efficiently, uncovering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that were previously inaccessible.

3. Millisecond Data Activation

Adobe Real-time CDP ensures lightning-fast data activation, thanks to the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network. This network spans the globe, enabling the collection, processing, and activation of data in real time. But why is speed necessary here? Well, it’s critical for delivering dynamic, personalized experiences to consumers and businesses alike.   

Designed from the ground up to power real-time use cases using the Adobe Experience Data Model (XDM), CDP comes with pre-built streaming integrations for both B2C and B2B applications, enabling immediate activation. 

4. Robust Personalization 

Adobe Real-time CDP helps you deliver engaging, personalized experiences to your customers across every channel and every connection point, from email to chat and beyond. Marketers are equipped with the following tools to drive personalization efforts:

  • AI-driven workflows
  • Real-time customer profiles
  • Cross-channel pre-built integrations
  • An easy-to-use interface

Challenges And Considerations

There are also a few challenges in adopting a CDP in general, which must be considered to ensure that nothing is overlooked:

  • One of the biggest challenges is managing the large volume and variety of data. This data comes from a variety of sources, including websites, mobile apps, CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and social media. It can also be in various formats, such as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured.
  • Another challenge of using a CDP is integrating it with legacy systems. A host of businesses have legacy systems that are not designed to work with real-time data. It can be challenging and rather expensive to integrate these systems with a CDP.

Making The Most Of Adobe Real-Time CDP With EnFuse

By unifying customer data from multiple sources and providing a real-time, 360-degree view of each customer, Adobe Real-Time CDP equips businesses to deliver more personalized experiences, create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, and improve customer engagement and loyalty.

At EnFuse, we help businesses implement and use Adobe Real-Time CDP to achieve their business goals. EnFuse has a team of experienced and certified consultants who can help businesses to:

  • Develop a strategy for implementing and using Real-Time CDP
  • Integrate it with their existing systems and data sources
  • Create and manage customer segments
  • Develop and execute personalized marketing campaigns
  • Measure the results of their marketing initiatives

We can also help businesses overcome the challenges associated with data governance and compliance, data quality, and integration. Interested in learning more about Adobe Real-Time CDP? Get in touch today!