Dramatic Impact Of Big Data On Education Industry

Big data in the education industry can bring much-needed semblance to the industry. By transforming not only how the schools analyze the information but also how they make decisions in the areas such as –

  • Effectiveness of faculties/professors
  • Academic performances/outcomes
  • Organizational outreach
  • Technology efficiency

According to ResearchAndMarkets.com, the worldwide Big Data Analytics in Education Industry is expected to touch about $47.8 Billion by 2027. The role of big data is only growing by leaps and bounds.

Big Data In Education: The Evolution

Big data started making noise in the field of education at the beginning of the 21st century. While there is no exact date available for its first usage in education, industry experts believe that the phenomenal growth of digital learning in the 2010s brought learning analytics to the forefront. The result was researchers’ interest in how learning analytics can bring revolution in the education sector. 

1. Some History

In 2007-2008 the international research conferences had alighted interest in data mining in education aka Educational Data Mining (EDM). However, there was another conference in 2008 held in Canada that was dedicated to EDM and in 2011, the International Educational Data Mining Society was formed.

2. Cut To 2020: The Impact Of Covid On Education

Covid had a major impact on the education industry, schools went online and teachers suddenly had to become equipped with new technology. Globally, the pandemic caused numerous setbacks, as schools went online and there was a surge in online progranalyticsms’ traffic.

According to experts, globally, around 862 million students were affected due to the analytics pandemic. However, the pandemic also accelerated the digital footprint as it became a catalyst for the adoption of online learning.

Big Data Transforming The Education Industry

There are numerous ways big data has transformed the education industry including – the changed interaction between professors, students, and administrators. Big data also influence how schools attract and perceive new students, in addition to how professors perceive the current ones. Additionally, new technologies are opening opportunities for the use of big data in the future. To sum it up, this is how big data is transforming the education industry

  • Future planning
  • Empowerment of professors
  • Building new opportunities

Value Of Big Data In Education

Data science, one of the renowned branches of big data, is a much-needed revolution in the education industry. Data Science in education can help in the following –

  • Enhanced adaptive learning
  • Parents are better involved
  • Improved assessment of teachers
  • Boost the performance of students
  • The curriculum is updated regularly

These are some of the ways big data, data science, and data analytics can help in education.

Tangible Benefits Of Big Data In Education

Big data offers numerous benefits in Education. However, the trick lies in knowing how to use that data rather than figuring out how much data you have. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits.

1. Personalized Education

This is one of the most tangible benefits of big data in education. With the help of big data tools and software, educational institutes can create special programs for students who lag. The personalized curriculum is designed as per each student’s learning progress and caters to their individual progress.

2. Improve The Teaching Quality

With the help of big data, teachers can create improved systems for education management. Big data also helps in creating conditions suitable for fostering online literacy for teachers. This, in turn, can help the teachers offer improved assessments, data collection, behavior evaluation, performance, and skills of the students. Big data provides teachers with the appropriate tools as well as metrics for their work evaluation, classroom environment improvisation, and a significant rise in opportunities to learn.

3. Big Data And Economy

With big data, educational institutions can keep a record of the students that had to drop out of school or college. It can also help keep a track of the students who need financial assistance, or educational assistance to achieve their goals in their lives. This will further impact the economy.

With the exact data, educational experts can figure out ways to help these students and thus strengthen the number of pass-outs from their schools or colleges, giving them a chance to earn through fair means and contribute to their country’s economy.

4. Big Data Helps Confront Some Hard Questions

With data in hand, the educational institution can figure out the answers to some of the tough questions such as – Why is there low registration for some courses? Why are fewer students attending a particular professor’s class? Can the classes be combined to increase productivity?

5. Big Data Improves The Accessibility Of Information

Numerous things need to be filed and kept in record, including test results; regular attendance of students; students who have consistently topped throughout their academic career. With the help of big data platforms, all these things can be kept in one place, and everything can be available through a single pane of truth.

6. Detect Student Behaviors

Some students are disinterested in their studies and create disturbances for others as well. With the help of a branch of big data, data engineers can find out the exact number of students who show carelessness during class; or any other miscreant behavior that can disturb the class or is disturbed and hence show this type of behavior.


Digitalization is in full swing in the education industry. Educational institutions are looking for ways to make the most of the data that is at their disposal. They want to leverage the data to make more informed decisions, take timely actions, enhance student performance, and improve student engagement.

To achieve all these objectives, the data that is fed to the analytics systems needs to be accurate, up-to-date, and of high quality. At EnFuse, we help enterprises and educational institutions with data management services to help them achieve faster ROI and impact from data analytics. Connect with us to know more.