Personalize Customer Experiences With Adobe Target Inner

Personalization is no longer just a desired business trait for modern brands. It’s now a necessity. Be it B2B or B2C, customers now expect a personalized experience when interacting with any brand. An Adobe Commerce survey found that 67% of customers want personalized offers based on their spending habits.

The same survey found that 72% of customers who received personalized recommendations purchased more products than originally planned. To deliver a personalized customer experience (CX), brands are now connecting with consumers through multiple digital platforms. This includes mobile apps and social media pages. 

With the constant increase in customer data, AI-based CX tools are necessary to obtain deeper and more meaningful insights. This is where Adobe Target plays a significant role. Adobe Target is an industry-recognized leader in the area of personalized CX. Read along as we answer how brands can personalize their CX using Adobe Target. 

What Is Adobe Target?

As an Adobe Experience Cloud solution, Adobe Target is the tool that enables enterprises to customize and personalize their customer experience initiatives. Adobe Target supports a wide range of personalization, starting from manual segmentation right up to Experience Targeting (XT). 

Some of the major capabilities of this tool include:

  • Creating automated marketing campaigns.
  • Driving automatic allocation and customer targeting.
  • Providing personalized recommendations to individual consumers.

With Adobe Target, enterprises can now maximize their revenues across multiple digital channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. Here are some of the main features of the Adobe Target tool:

1. A/B Testing

Adobe Target enables enterprises to compare different versions of their website content. They can then determine which version is more effective in driving customer conversions.

2. Automated Personalization

Using machine learning algorithms, Adobe Target features automated personalization that creates personalized experiences and improves conversion rates.

3. Auto-Target

With this feature, Adobe Target leverages machine learning to identify many best-performing experiences (as defined by marketers). It can then serve tailored CX for each website visitor.

Next, let’s discuss how Adobe Target benefits businesses.

Benefits Of Adobe Target

Among the biggest benefits, Adobe Target enables enterprises to start with marketing automation at the earliest. Besides, the tool enables enterprises to continue leveraging its capabilities for a personalized CX.

Here are some of the business benefits of implementing the Adobe Target tool for marketers:

1. Omnichannel Personalization

Modern consumers expect a consistent brand experience across multiple channels. With Adobe Target, organizations can provide a consistent CX throughout the customer journey – and across multiple channels.

With its one-click personalization, the “Auto-Target” functionality analyzes each customer profile and the behavior of similar profiles. Besides optimizing CX, the Auto-Target function can also adapt to changing customer behavior, thus optimizing the best experience.

2. Eliminates Guesswork

With its “Auto-Personalization” feature, Adobe Target deploys a multivariate approach by combining individual offers automatically, thus ensuring the best CX for that individual customer. This eliminates the guesswork associated with “traditional” A/B testing that is based on isolated instances of user experience. Target can multivariate the user experience testing, thus allowing enterprises to test everything across every channel.

3. Automate Product Recommendations

AI-powered recommendations benefit enterprises by displaying products or services to individual customers based on their previous activities. With Adobe Target, enterprises can now direct their consumers to relevant products. Through recommendations, consumers are encouraged to buy more products and spend more time on the digital channel.

4. Deliver A “Winning” Experience

With Target’s “Auto-Allocate” function, enterprises can quickly direct their consumers to a “winning” experience. As compared to “manual” A/B testing, auto-allocate involves lower overhead costs in delivering the best experience. Besides, auto-allocation also enables organizations to scale up their testing frequency and optimize their customer experience. 

How does Adobe Target help in personalizing CX? Let’s discuss that next.

How Adobe Target Is Personalizing CX?

Personalization and customer experience are the main factors differentiating brands. Easy to use with its intuitive interface, Adobe Target enables enterprises to facilitate omnichannel CX, segmented audiences, and content targeting.

Adobe Target is personalizing CX by:

  • Providing relevant customer information at every touchpoint across the entire customer journey.
  • Providing a single-point customer targeting and testing solution that includes methods like A/B testing and one-to-one testing.
  • Designing personalized and targeted creatives, marketing campaigns, and offers based on individual customer profiles.
  • Leveraging its visual interface to create content testing and target campaigns without any specific configuration.

Further, by using Adobe Target, organizations can personalize their customer journey in real time by quickly responding to their users. With all the customer data stored in a single centralized system, enterprises obtain complete visibility of their customer or how they move across different channels, including the web and mobile. 

Here is how the Adobe Experience Cloud solution achieves personalization with its other tools:

  • With Adobe Analytics, brands can leverage valuable insights from a customer journey.
  • With the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), brands can offer a content-rich shopping experience to their customers across all digital channels.
  • With Adobe Marketo, organizations can personalize their marketing emails, thus nurturing a healthy leads pipeline and customer acquisition.


In 2023 and beyond, personalized customer experience is emerging as the success mantra for customer-centric enterprises. With its AI-powered automation, Adobe Target enables businesses to target the right audience with the right content at the right time.

At EnFuse Solutions, we help our global customers leverage the power of digital technologies like AI and machine learning. With our technical expertise in Adobe Experience Platform, we provide customized solutions to help businesses realize success with the delivery of personalized customer experiences. Need more information on how Adobe Target can benefit your business? Contact us today.