Enfuse Employee Growth Professional Development

Companies worldwide are realizing that upskilling is the key to success. It’s how they’ll close the skills gap and stay competitive in an ever-changing economy. In fact, in Glint & LinkedIn Learning’s 2021 State of the Manager report, 91% of workers said they wanted their managers to encourage experimentation and learning. From Amazon, PwC, and every business in between, it has been recognized that employers must work together to develop their workforce, and rightly so.

Promoting learning initiatives, whether internally or via external platforms, is crucial to remain in line with the shifting dynamics of the workforce. To encourage a culture of learning at all levels, many businesses employ a variety of activities targeted at growth, development, and engagement.

Along those lines, EnFuse has integrated both LinkedIn Learning and internal soft skills training to support employee growth. Our learning experiment assisted the staff in successfully completing 21,234 LinkedIn course certifications where more than 4 lakh learning videos were viewed on LinkedIn Learning in 2022. This is how we were able to quickly achieve this excellent learning curve that is now the foundation of our culture.

Our Strategy For Employee Growth And Development

1. Flexibility To Learn

When it comes to the development of employees, simply providing learning resources is inadequate. The teams must be given some time to concentrate on picking up new skills. In other words, the organizational culture must contribute to learners’ adaptability.

EnFuse ensures that its team members have enough time in and outside of the office to learn various technical and business-related subjects. Today’s call is to enable micro-learning, and we have prepared ourselves to achieve that.

2. Supportive Mentors

Leaders can encourage learning initiatives by acting as teams’ anchors. As EnFuse’ Co-Founder Kamran Shaikh aptly puts it, “As a leader, I believe my only responsibility is to create an environment of enablement and provide support to help people grow. Beyond that, my team is capable of flying high”. To feel safe when talking about their personal growth with seniors, employees need to have encouraging mentors who can help them flourish.

3. Sociable Work Environment And Colleagues

A great team and an amiable work environment are crucial for overall growth and development, both professionally and personally. Therefore, one of EnFuse’s primary strategies has been to ensure that every team member feels supported in our social culture. We ensure that the associates embrace the welcoming atmosphere we have created over the years and contribute their ideas to it.

4. Exposure To New Technologies

Since no two projects are the same at EnFuse, we continually introduce fresh concepts and cutting-edge tools to help us produce the best outcomes. Our team members receive sufficient training and time to pick up new technologies, allowing them to advance in their careers.

This has generated a lot of momentum across numerous functional departments, opening doors for individual development. To ensure that management and associates have excellent chemistry and enthusiasm, we provide the team with ample resources to learn the nuances of utilizing new technologies.

5. Coaching And Feedback

We think feedback should be given as needed and shouldn’t only be constrained to the evaluation meetings. To that end, we discuss ways to speed up personal growth initiatives and address every problem the team is facing to give them insight into the potential learning path that would be best for them.

For instance, our learning initiatives revealed that team members were enthusiastic about attending workshops on interpersonal communication and writing business emails. After incorporating their feedback, these needs were brought to light for people to understand their areas of improvement and how they could work on them.

6. Our Employee-Centric Core Values

Accountability, passion, integrity, empathy, respect, and service excellence are six core corporate values that all EnFuse employees uphold. These principles serve the entire ecosystem and aid in the formation of a common viewpoint for all of us.

We uphold these values not only for the benefit of the clients but also for the team. As a result, we have been able to build a comfortable cocoon where each of us can develop by bringing passion to the fore and showing empathy.

7. Blurring Hierarchical Lines

People cannot develop as much as they want to or are capable of doing when there is hierarchy and micromanagement in place. We hold brainstorming sessions while refining or developing our concepts to create a nurturing environment so everyone can contribute their ideas without holding back or worrying about feeling rejected or being redundant. This enables everyone to find their place within the team and allows them to develop gradually and at their own pace.

Wrapping Up

It’s crucial to construct and be a part of a culture and environment that promotes employee growth. EnFuse provides excellent opportunities that cater to the notion of work-life balance and bolster learning initiatives for all employees. Become a member of our team to take your career to new heights. Visit our careers page and apply for the job that best fits your qualifications. Let’s be on our way to a better future together.