Clients Vs. Customers There Is A Difference Inner

Is it common for your team to use the terms client and customer interchangeably? There are some fundamental yet obvious distinctions between who can be called a client and who can be called a customer. These distinctions are critical in determining the best strategies for approaching people and businesses with tailored ideas, campaigns, and services. 

In essence, to improve your customer retention and add value to your relationships, it is critical to have clear definitions across the board. So, let us look at what a client and a customer are in terms of business.

Client Vs. Customer – A Primer

A client is looking for professional services or products from a company, such as advisory or consulting, for their specific needs and business goals. When dealing with a client, the relationship quotient becomes a little more personalized. 

A customer, on the other hand, is someone who will make a one-time purchase of a product or service from a company. This person may be loyal to your brand or may change their preferences later, depending on the next product or service they require.

Now that we have established the fundamental distinction between a client and a customer, let us look at what other parameters we can use to differentiate them to formulate a more effective and sound business strategy.

1. Relationship

A client relationship is deep and long-term; actions in line with the same must be taken to maintain and nurture it. Because the relationship will be much more profound than with a customer, a client is looking for a reliable business to go back to. Anyone in charge of handling and bringing in new clients must demonstrate exceptional thought-leadership skills to persuade a client to invest in their product, time and again.

This requires in-depth domain knowledge and the ability to convert the relationship into a trustworthy alliance. At EnFuse, we do not have customers, but clients. In our client relationships, we make sure to help businesses succeed over the long term to achieve sustainable growth and success.

Customer relationships, on the other hand, are more of a one-time transactional relationship. This is achieved by providing the best service or product while investing less time in keeping them onboard or providing any out-of-the-box service. To handle customer service, the end-to-end sales funnel is used with little to no change or modification. This turns out to be the primary distinction between who a business identifies as a client or a customer.

2. Involvement

Involvement with a client and a customer is too distinct. A company may want its clients to thrive and succeed, so extra efforts are made, account managers are assigned, and a thorough engagement channel is maintained. This level of involvement is required to stay in the client’s mind by sharing relevant information, providing value-added services, and involving clients in important events.

Showing involvement also comes from having a fantastic response time, which demonstrates where the priorities lie. The literal meaning of “EnFuse” is “Engage + Infuse”. It suggests a working model that cannot be a one-time transaction. It shows our deep sense of client involvement and reflects upon the engaging relationships we have with our clients.

When it comes to customers, the involvement journey is a completely different lifecycle. In general, a customer is looking for lower prices and excellent customer service. Taking feedback and following up on the services or products is an excellent way to remain involved with a customer. The way a company interacts with a customer during the pre-and post-sales journey determines where the relationship goes.

3. Personalization

According to a Salesforce report, 52% of people want businesses to always personalize their offers and services. This is frequently the case with clients because long-term engagement is based on going above and beyond the commonality. To get the most out of an ongoing client relationship, businesses must offer customized products based on their client’s needs, focus on value-added services, and provide an impeccable communication channel.

Personalized service can include unrivaled client servicing, round-the-clock contact, and thoughtful email drips to make the conversation personalized and frequent. When it comes to customers, the scenario is similar; however, the touchpoints differ, and personalization is facilitated in the form of discounts and promotions. Sending personalized emails with recommendations to pique their interest can be an excellent way to keep in touch with customers.

4. Expectations

Client expectations vary and are unique because no two clients are alike. Some businesses want the best customer service, while others want flawless products with no glitches. Understanding the objective and assisting the client in reaching that objective without a hiccup is the key to acing the client game. Working in the interests and expectations of clients and making decisions based on what is best for them is essential for exceeding client expectations.

Clients at EnFuse are never confused about what to expect from us. This is because of our clear communication about treating them with a long-term success goal in mind. From unmatched service to customer-centric delivery, we offer the right mix of partnership and support to our clients.

According to a PwC survey, people are looking for a good experience and are willing to pay 16% more for the best service. This clearly shows what the person is looking for and that is the only mantra to remember when it comes to customers. Matching their expectations can be accomplished by providing premium services, and they will be willing to pay for all the comfort they receive from using any business’s product.

Powering Up Client Relationships The EnFuse Way

At EnFuse, we don’t have customers but only clients, and we make sure that all our clients perceive themselves in the same way. We have always been focused on helping them succeed over the long term and achieve sustainable success.  We assist businesses in their digital transformation by helping them develop smarter and better products. Contact our team of experts if you want to take your business to the next level.