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A leading TV ad analytics and insights provider based out of North America

Project Details

Category: Video Tagging & Attribution

Date: December 2020

Clients: TV Ad Analytics and Insights Provider

Our Process

We have a comprehensive understanding of the global market, which enables us to provide significant value to your business through a broad range of digital services and integrated solutions. We specialize in the following domains.


Identify clips based on commercials types


Identify breakpoints and Split multiple commercials videos


Remove unwanted frames and/or contents through trimming tools


Analyze and tag commercials attributes

The Working Challenges

We offered the client a quick and seamless solution that helped tackle their present operational challenges while helping them build a readily scalable platform. The final result was 300k+ commercials classified (per month), 1 million+ commercials’ attributes tagged (per month) with 50%+ OPEX Saving.

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  • Manage a daily input of 10000+ clips
  • Deletion of valid clips leads to missed revenue
  • 10+ checkpoints to identify the quality of a clip

Edits (Split/Trim)

  • No option of fixing a clip edit mistake
  • Multiple opportunities of error
  • A badly edited valid clip leads to missed revenue

Metadata Enrichment

  • 50000+ fields enrichment on a daily basis
  • 15+ opportunities of error associated with each clip
  • 20+ industry types in scope

Data Quality

  • Penalty associated with the quality of clips curation and classification
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  • Created a group of triage experts to streamline the clip classification
  • Designed clip deletion regulations to eliminate the risk of valid clip deletion
  • Assigned dedicated SMEs to perform real-time QC

Edits (Split/Trim)

  • Implemented stage-wise live error tracking and daily feedback mechanism to ensure proactive quality assurance
  • Suggested the critical tool updates to the client to facilitate backward movement of bad clips

Metadata Enrichment

  • Formed a dedicated group of curators basis performance tracking & assessment
  • Created an attribute wise specific guidelines to avoid assumption based errors
  • Designed and implemented the industry-wide knowledgebase and training plan

Data Quality

  • Collaborated with the client and created specific KRA based scope of work and project performance assessment mechanism
  • Aligned the project goals with the team’s performance scorecard
  • ZERO performance penalty in the last 6 months
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  • 300k+ commercials classified per month
  • 1 million+ commercials’ attributes tagged per month
  • 98%+ tagging accuracy
  • 10+ process & tool improvement initiatives in last 3 months
  • 25% productivity improvement vs last year
  • 50%+ OPEX saving for the client
  • 40000+ video clips edited per week

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