About the Client

An experienced design leader in lighting, furniture & decor items for home & office needs from North America.

Project Details

Category: eCommerce Product Data

Date: December 2020

Clients: Lighting, Furniture & Decor Items

Our Process


Identify and migrate redundant attribute to unique data


Correct data values and map to relevant headers


Data validation and correction


Data values standardization basis attribute table and product style guide

The Working Challenges

Tagging services Provider Enfuse Solutions


  • Specific category with 1,053 unique attribute headers and 1.5Mn data points
  • Product data values with incorrect case error, junk characters, duplicate values, redundant values and inconsistency
  • High volume of unidentified/incomplete attribute data
  • Negative impact to CE and revenue
Artificial intelligence Service provider in India


  • Created a group of product data and domain SMEs to assess and improve the product data
  • Identified and moved similar header values to single attribute header
  • Corrected, deleted and mapped attribute values under relevant headers
  • Created attribute document and style guide for the specific category
Best Annotation Service Provider


  • Cleansing of 30% redundant data that resulted in optimum data availability
  • 90% attribute data mapping under the critical attribute headers
  • 100% consistency across the category
  • Style Guide to help in data governance
  • Improved product data state that led to client awarding. Complete eCommerce data improvement project to EnFuse

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EnFuse Solutions have been one of our KPO vendors for the last couple of years. They have been helping us on various requirements, and so far have produced some...


of an Applied AI and Machine Learning software and services company

The Team EnFuse services are so critical to our growth and success. The impressive support we receive has provided us with the ability to scale. Team EnFuse is extremely...

Chief Administrative Officer & Senior Vice President of Products

at a leading Web Publishing Company from North America

We are so grateful to have EnFuse Team on board, they had helped us in moments where we needed it the most, always giving us the best service in a quicker and adaptable...

Operations Manager

at a Media & Technology Consultancy Firm

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