Vendor | Supplier Data Services

Strong Supplier | Vendor relationship is very important to any company’s success in the long run.


Every organization deals with a number of vendors or suppliers to run its business smoothly. It is imperative to maintain, streamline and align the product/services data coming in from different systems. EnFuse provides end to end Vendor Data Management solutions, by regularly communicating with vendors, following a consistent naming convention, applying rules governing vendor additions and removals, routine cleansing of old or duplicate entries and generating reports on these activities.

Our solutions effectively annul the following business problems faced in building and maintaining a proficient vendor data.

  • Duplicate payments caused due to multiple entries of same records
  • Incomplete and inaccurate vendor data leading to delay in order billing and order payment
  • Inclusion of illegitimate vendors in the system increasing exposure to frauds in virtual transactions

If a master vendor data file is not properly purged and maintained, it can cause errors disrupting the entire order management process. We provide an integrated vendor data management system giving an organized platform to all your pay to procure departments to work in sync.

Our Solutions

Customer Validation

We perform an ongoing constant validation process to keep the customer database clean and able to fully support operations

Order Management

We develop one efficient process to handle all your order management activities like order follow up, order registration, order routing, order validation and order extension/notification

Data Cleansing

Cleanse the obsolete and incomplete supplier record to achieve the best quality standards for your supplier data

Partner Payment Management

Revenue management has evolved from a basic billing and accounting function into a competitive differentiator. We integrate payments made on siloed applications for easy reconciliation

PO Verification

We provide simplified process for verification of purchase order before sending it forward for payment processing

Data Enrichment

Data experts capture data attributes from secondary sources and web searches to further develop the incomplete values into complete data sets

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