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Why EnFuse?

Business to business data putrefies at a rate of 70% every year. Dirty data leads to poor performing campaigns, weak leads, and unproductive sales motions. Interpreting your sales pipeline is like walking a tightrope leaving limited scope for any guesswork and estimations. A sales leader needs to have a big picture of forces that form sales data assets – channel partners, territories, competitor strategies, opportunities, pricing variances, demand intelligence and sales forecast.

The inefficacy in updating and analyzing dynamic sales data creates challenges like:

  • Loss of revenue due to ineffective lead management, incorrect target groups, and improper goal management
  • Low CSAT due to sub-standard after sales relationship
  • Low brand equity as a result of improper follow-ups and incorrectly mapped skill sets

Our expertise in end to end sales management solutions will help you discover the true mantra for an effective sales operation strategy. We help optimize the sales performance and create a single source of truth, making life easy for your sales team – who can focus on their actual work – ‘SALES’!

Our Solutions

Data Profiling

Assessing the data to understand its overall degree of accuracy in sales and leads information

Data Quality

View of your sales data with consistent, accurate and timely data and empowering your sales team with real-time 360⁰ view

Data Integration

Integrating the multi-sourced sales and channel data into a unified view and format to suit needs of all the entities in your organization

Data Cleansing and Standardization

Utilizing business rules to ensure data conforms to pre-defined quality rules with techniques like de-duplicating, de-junking, data standardization, style-guide creation that assists the sales team target right set of leads and opportunities at the right time

Data Enrichment

Adding data from basic vendors like DnB,, SFDC or augment data sets from third-party websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Our data enrichment solutions provide rich contextual data sets that allow business teams to deliver desired end results

Sales Territory Management

Our territory management solution enables you to set up and process territory assignments and sales crediting that helps ensure the sales coverage and deployment model are aligned with corporate objectives

Sales Channel Partner Data

Align sales force and channels with long-term strategy and improve partner performance by enabling immediate action plans that helps make more data-driven decisions about channel partner acquisition and renewal

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