Product Data Services

Product data management is a practice within multi-spectrum enterprise data management.

Product data management  provides pillars to cascade real-time product information to all the relevant departments within the organization.

As your retail and online business expands, keeping track of product data can get more difficult and you have to invest high during the product launch, data maintenance, data governance, PIM platform migration etc.

EnFuse ensures omni channel end to end PIM management and cater to more than 1 million product data points every month.

What We Do

Data Profiling

Our data profiling tool allows business users to assess the quality of their data through metrics, discover rules based on its findings and monitor the evolution of data quality

Data Quality

Providing you with high-quality data that are complete, timely, accurate, consistent, relevant and reliable

Data Classification

Creating the underlying information architecture, linking data, metadata tagging and better taxonomy management

Data Integration

We help in platform integration and data transformation from disparate sources – improving productivity, flexibility and performance providing accurate, consistent and timely information for your business decisions

Data Cleansing and Standardization

A continuous process with corrective actions by removing junk & duplicate data points and designing style guide throughout the data lifecycle

Data Enrichment

Incorporating external data from multiple sources to the existing data providing rich, structured content that can be used anywhere, anytime and supports informed buying decisions

Product Attribute Management

Provide customers with relevant and consistent information about product features, marketing messages, and promotions across omni channels, improve shopper loyalty, increase productivity

Data Governance and Stewardship

Using our data governance framework, you can equip your staff with ongoing defined processes, organized data structure and well-defined roles and responsibilities

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