Customer Data Services

The state of your customer data influences the customer relationship heavily.

You can increase your sales, win customer loyalty and retention by managing your customer relationships effectively. EnFuse helps you in building proficient CRM strategies by converting your raw data into enriched & standardized data formulated by maintaining a database constituting a 360⁰ view of your customer.

Our customer data management solutions provide a platform to conduct evidence-based analysis on your data in an effort to uncover the hidden meaning from its raw form.

With customer data deteriorating at the rate of approximately 15% every year, companies are expected to be agile with their data management strategies. EnFuse brings this agility that helps you overcome the following business problems:

  • High turnaround time to respond to leads leading to customer defection
  • Incorrect lead targeting in campaigns generating low ROIs
  • Higher operational costs due to replicated efforts to reach customers
  • Low lead conversion rate due to inefficient lead management

How We Work

We strive to overcome all the data inefficiencies that an organization faces in the current business world by providing lead management, feedback management, and customer relationship management solutions. We possess the technical expertise to work on, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hoovers, SQL and the functional expertise to offer Data Quality, Data Enrichment, Data Cleansing and Data Governance services.

Our Solutions

Data Profiling

Our data profiling tool allows business users to assess the quality of their data through metrics, discover rules based on its findings and monitor the evolution of data quality

Data Quality

We transform messy data into clean, reliable and actionable data for easier decision making

Data Integration and ETL

Extract multi labeled data from multiple channels and integrate it into one database for a 360⁰ view

Data Enrichment & Standardization

Obtain correct, consistent and complete data by enriching your database with information acquired from reliable sources

Parent-Child Relation Building

We help you get an organized view of all accounts for quick reference to the hierarchy and relationship between them

Lead Routing

61% more likely to close leads if called within the first hour than after 10 hours. We help you direct the right leads to the right sales representative at the right time

Lead Management

A framework which converts cold leads into hot prospects with relevant and timely communication

Data Warehousing and Data Structure

Our services help in transformation and modeling of data according to business needs

Data Governance and Stewardship

We focus on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of information by implementing an ongoing quality maintenance and stewardship process

Suppression support

Our solutions allow you to remove any unwanted records from your contact database by closely examining the data. It keeps data up to date and accurate

Advanced CRM Reporting

Build meaningful sales and service reports around data captured to derive constructive insights

Query resolution/troubleshooting

Make customer interaction personal again to boost customer satisfaction with a responsive query system

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